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Toll Free Telephone:  800-348-6916

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We offer a builder incentive as well as volume added discounts when you have purchased your tenth (10th) pool: your eleventh (11th) order of the pool walls (up to 90 lineal feet) would be free excluding shipping and handling.  When you are purchasing as a builder your name will be added to our builder referral list below.

Leaders in the industry invest in new ideas that increase their business in the future!

Owner/Builders!  For Insulated Pool kits, Call or Email us.



Depending on where you live, engineering for a building permit may be required. Check with your building department or local jurisdiction to find out what requirements they have for swimming pools and what set-backs there are, if any. Confirm with them if plans are required. If they are then you will need to contact an engineer in your area who can provide you with engineering plans to submit for the building permit. Ask your building department if they can recommend any engineering firm in your area if one is needed.

I would suspect that it may take a little time to go through your building department so you may want to get started on this process. They can take as little as 2 weeks or as long as 8+ weeks to issue a permit.

If you are working with an engineer and they require additional information, please have them contact us on our toll free number at 800-348-6916. We can provide your engineer with any additional information they might need.

If you reside in one of the following states:
    California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington

And after you've purchased a pool or spa kit from us, if you still cannot locate an engineer to provide you with plans, please give us a call. We may be able to assist you in that regard with contact information for an engineering firm licensed in the above-mentioned states.


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Call them today at 1-800-783-6540 to see how they can help you a competitive pool financing loan to help you when you're ready to start your project and purchase your insulated swimming pool and/or spa.

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