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There are so many different types of swimming pool systems out there, but which one is right for you? In your search you have so much to consider and learn about when you’re thinking of building a swimming pool and/or spa! We hope you find our site informative and helpful. Please explore our pages and if you can’t find the answer then just give us a call.

We believe that building with the insulated pool wall system is the “Green” way to go. This type of swimming pool is a naturally warmer, smart, energy-efficient pool that incorporates an innovative building system utilizing an Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam (EPS) pool wall panel to build an economical, totally insulated pool, spa, or "spool.” When you complement the insulated pool with an energy-efficient filtration system and heating system (if needed), you have a totally energy-efficient "green" pool. Insulated Pool Design 8/15

We offer 80+ designs on our site, but are not limited to those. Our unique insulated EPS pool wall system provides flexibility in design and quality in construction, building an insulated pool structure developed to compliment your lifestyle.

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Insulated Pool Design 9/1

Consumers Really Want Green Alternatives!

82% of Americans feel it is important that products be
energy-efficient and eco-friendly. 

Homeowners are looking for a beautiful, warm pool they can relax in and enjoy quality time with family and friends; one that is cost-efficient, both from an energy-efficient and cost-effective point-of-view for themselves and the environment.  They're also looking for renewable energy alternatives.  We offer both with our pool kits and with the equipment we can provide to our customers.  According to a study released in 2007, the market for green products has grown, and increased awareness and is driving fundamental change. 

   Proven engineered building system

   ICC-ES approved testing

   Flexibility of design

   Over 100 pool designs (If you don't find one there just ask us about customizing a design.)

   Lightweight, durable and strong

   Easy to build

   Cost effective

   Saves 50% on building costs

   Thermally insulated - Energy Efficient

   R-20 value of insulated wall in the ground

   Water temps 10 to 20 degrees naturally warmer than traditional built pools

   Longer swimming season

   Non-corrosive and Non-abrasive

   Easy to care for - Low Maintenance

   Environmentally Friendly

   Free telephone support to builders and customers

Our unique insulated EPS pool wall system provides a flexibility and quality in construction, building an insulated pool
structure and can be developed to compliment your lifestyle.


If you’re considering financing a swimming pool, AMS Financial can help you finance a number of swimming pool loans and installed home improvement projects.

AMS Financial is America's leader in swimming pool loans and home improvement lending. Low swimming pool rates and fast loan approval new swimming pools."

Call them today at 1-800-783-6540 to see how they can help you get into your insulated swimming pool and/or spa.


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