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Video1 - EVM Coating (Elastomeric Variable Membrane)
This video shows three resurfacing projects on existing pools with deteriorating plaster finishes.  The first was a commercial size pool of 6,000 Sq. Ft. in Fort Bragg, NC for the Military.  The other two resurfacing pool projects were for residential pools.  The first pool was finished in white, and the other two were finished in blue.

Video2 - Insulated Pool structure built with interior finish coating of fiberglass (Fibretech-Inc).

Video3 - Insulated Spa structure built in Chicago with interior finish coating of fiberglass (Fibretech-Inc).

Video4 - Insulated Pool and Spa structures built with interior finish coating of fiberglass (Fibretech-Inc).
This project was originally started by another pool builder, but the homeowner was unhappy with the progress and decided to go with a different type of pool structure and another builder.  This video shows the pool as it looked when the second builder came in.  He tore out the work that had been started and built our insulated pool structure and used the fiberglass coating for the interior finish.

Video5 - View another construction video (Windows Media Video wmv file). You can also go to our construction page to view still photos.  Pool was finished with a prefabricated vinyl liner.

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