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Aquamatic Pool Covers - Aquamatic Cover Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of hydraulic automatic pool covers.

Deck-O-Foam - is an expansion joint filler is a flexible, lightweight, non-staining, polyethylene, closed-cell expansion joint filler. It is a chemical-resistant, ultraviolet stable, non-absorbent, low density, economical, compressible foam that offers an extended service life in both interior and exterior applications.

Deck-O-Seal - is a two-part, polysulfide-based joint sealant is a premium-grade, pourable, self-leveling sealant. It is a non-staining sealant that cures at an ambient temperature to a firm, flexible, tear-resistant rubber. Deck-O-Seal is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics after extended periods of compression or elongation. Deck-O-Seal has outstanding resistance to most chemicals, to all weather conditions, aging, and shrinkage.

Discount Spa Covers - With a 5 year warranty, their replacement spa covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors at discount prices.

Hayward Pool Products - Hayward Pool Products offers innovation, energy-efficiency and reliability with latest products in Energy Solutions.  At Hayward®, they’re more than just equipment. Our objective is to make your pool experience worry and hassle-free. That’s why our equipment is engineered to last and work smart at keeping your pool sparkling clean and trouble free.

Jandy Pool Products - Jandy Products offer the convenience, performance and advanced technology you demand with intelligent, efficient and hassle-free products.

Jedco Products - BorderLines™ patented adhesive tile borders are designed to be an affordable alternative for new pools or updating vinyl liner, acrylic, fiberglass or stainless steel pool walls.

Pentair Pool Products - Pentair Water Pool and Spa is the world leader in pool and spa equipment and accessories...and home to Pentair Products and Sta-Rite brands.

StaRite Pool Products - Both offer innovative products that make pool and spa ownership simpler, more enjoyable, and more energy efficient than ever before.

Other Links
An Internet Store - Website design and hosting. - provides up-to-date information on pool safety and other home safety issues that affect consumers.

Heatsavr™ and Ecosavr - Heatsavr™ is an effective liquid pool cover that greatly reduces heat loss and evaporation from your exposed pool surface. Heatsavr™ is made of simple biodegradable ingredients that form the best barrier currently available to slow the heat and water loss that causes high heating bills and cold pool water. Heatsavr™ slows evaporation substantially.

Liqui-Hard Ultra - Concrete densifier and chemical hardener is a ready to use, colorless liquid, which hardens and dust-proofs concrete at a molecular level.  Offers improvement abrasion-and chemical resistance to finished surface and improves durability of the surface when compared to untreated concrete.

Dehumidification Equipment - Get the facts on indoor pool dehumidification before you start. If you need an expert to guide you on equipment and ventilation design for indoor pool facilities contact a PoolPak International representative.

Pool Safety Council - The Pool Safety Council (PSC) is a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit advocacy group dedicated to overall pool safety and, specifically, the prevention of child drowning nationwide.

Safe Kids USA - Safe Kids USA brings injury prevention directly to kids and their families.   There are four different ways we do this.

Misc. Links

Composite Epoxy Coating Resources
NewLander Armor Products - Armor Pool Coatings offer a revolutionary product for swimming pool surfaces that make marcite and other plaster surfaces seem obsolete and out perform fiberglass for many years.
Composite Fiberglass Resources
Fibretechinc -Fibre Tech coatings are uniquely designed for any situation that demands a seamless, waterproof barrier that permanently adheres to concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, asphalt or virtually any structurally sound surface.
Vinyl Liner Resources
Plastimayd - Plastimayd offers state-of-the-art graphic design, with print patterns that are the ultimate in realism and artistic beauty.  They also offer safety pool covers and winter domes.

Vyn-All - Vyn-All® manufactures top-quality in-ground and above-ground pool liners as well as equally rugged safety covers. Their commitment to lasting quality starts with the materials we use for all three of our product lines.

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