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Having a swimming pool installed or deciding to install your own (DIY) swimming pool is a major lifestyle decision, and it is essential the pool you select is the most appropriate one for your needs and way of life.

Using the unique flexibility of our therma-foam pool wall system, you can build a pool to fit any area. You can build a pool, spa or spool or just about anything you can envision.


Here are several selections to choose from (we have 100 shapes!) The shapes below can be flipped or reversed to achieve additional configurations.







For more shapes and prices, visit our Pool Kits page

Shapes and Prices

Now to choose a pool go to the Products page for more shapes and prices, select the Pool Kits page and pick a specific pool design, then click that design to view price options. There are two options to choose from when you purchase a pool kit.

1.   Pool Walls only (includes reinforcing fiber mesh)
2.   Pool Wall panels, mesh and EVM Coating Interior Finish (roll-on/spray-on)

You can also purchase additional panels, equipment and other items.  We recommend only energy-efficient equipment as well as many safety products. We offer products from Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Sta-Rite and other manufacturers.  When you purchase any of the equipment with the pool or spa kit, it will be shipped to you--freight included.

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