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Thermal Qualities - Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

The most common feedback from our customers are comments describing how the water is always so wonderfully warm, as well as how early their swim season starts and how long it lasts. The pool shells are thermally efficient due to the insulating properties of the polystyrene structural panels, over which a structural reinforcing mesh is embedded within two (2) coats of structural plaster. The most noticeable effect of this thermal insulation is that the pool water remains considerably warmer for longer periods of time, than the water in pools constructed using other methods. The water temperature closely follows the ambient air temperature and resists the loss of heat from the water to the soil around the pool more efficiently than un-insulated types of pool structures. Our insulated structure warms up sooner in the season and stays warmer, which means a longer swim season – more use of your pool – without the heating costs. When the pools warm up, they hold their heat like any liquid in a styrofoam cup. The result is that heat gained from sunlight or heating is retained longer.

In colder areas where heating a pool can be cost-prohibitive, our structure is energy efficient and costs comparatively 70 to 80% less to heat than other types of structures. And in warmer areas, such as Arizona, Las Vegas or Texas, our system is used to keep the water cooler. In these extreme warmer conditions, you can operate solar heating panels at night to dissipate accumulated heat into the cool night air to control water temperatures. Appropriate shading can help control pool temperatures while also promoting sensible skin care.


Cost of Heating Outdoor Pools by Location

With/Without a Pool Cover




78° F 80° F 82° F
 Miami - without cover
           - Insulated Pool with cover
Jan. 1 - Dec. 31
Jan. 1 - Dec. 31
 Dallas - without cover
           - Insulated Pool with cover
Apr. 1 - Oct. 31
Mar. 1 - Nov. 31
 Los Angeles - without cover
           - Insulated Pool with cover
May 1 - Oct. 31
Apr. 1 - Nov. 31
 Chicago - without cover
           - Insulated Pool with cover
May 1 -Sep. 31
Apr. 1 - Oct. 31
 Denver - without cover
           - Insulated Pool with cover
May 1 - Aug. 31
Apr. 1 - Sep. 31
 Boston - without cover
           - Insulated Pool with cover
Apr. 1 - Aug. 31
Apr. 1 - Sep. 31

*Figures based on a 1,000 square-foot, outdoor pool heated with an 80 percent efficient natural gas heater at $0.50 per therm
**Source U.S. Dept. of Energy guide, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

People with pool heaters can’t afford to continue to pay the high costs to generate heat for their pools and lose the heat to the atmosphere.

The pool covers principle benefits are energy conservation and pool safety as well as reducing maintenance, which fall in line with the thinking of this manufacturer for the energy-efficient insulated pool structure.

We incorporate all these and other energy-efficient products into our pool systems as kilowatt rates rise throughout the country and concerns for energy, water savings, chemical balance and overall maintenance are a concern to our company as they should be for the purchasing homeowner.


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